Monday, May 14, 2007


Well, I made a serious error in judgement...I didn't post anything on Mother's Day! After being scolded by my Mom today, I post tonight with my tail between my legs. Actually, my Mom is enjoying herself in Dauphin Island, Alabama right now. Not too shabby!! And...I actually DID remember her on Mother's Day. I sent her a nice bunch of flowers in a very nice vase. I hope she loves the flowers.

I also remembered to honor the other Mom in my wife. She asked that I didn't send her I didn't. But, I definitely hope she had a great Mom's Day too. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to both of you!!!

Alot has been happening around here lately, as I'm sure the news is broadcasting all about it. I've been traveling quite abit. The picture above is from one of my recent trips. The picture is of one of the main roads in Baghdad. As you can see Baghdad is a large, sprawling city with alot of hustle and bustle. A very difficult place to operate in and around. As you leave the city confines you immediately fly over wide open desert and in some cases, lush palm groves. Very much a place of extreme more ways than geography. The people are as diverse as the scenery and often as extreme in beliefs too. Neighborhoods are divided along religious lines and tribal lines, established many, many years ago. And unfortunately these folks don't like each other at all. So for all you "armchair soldiers" and "couch sitting strategist"....shut it! Until you are here on a daily basis and "see" what the U.S. military is dealing with, you can't possibly have and idea of how to rectify or control the situation.

Summer has made it to the desert...It is hot as hell here. It smells bad too. Some smells are easily identifiable, some are not. But they will leave a lasting impression on me. The sights, sounds and smells of this place will stay with every servicemember forever. In some regards this is a good thing. It would be a shame to tuck away every memory of this place to be forgotten. On the other side of the coin, some sights, sounds and smells should be forever left here to never be spoken of again. I guess this issue is what many servicemembers struggle with the rest of their lives. The one thing to remember...none of us are alone. We are all here for each other and will forever be linked to this place.

Brothers in eternally true statement.

R, K and G...I love and miss you more and more every day!

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Reign of Reason said...

So what do you think? Is there a way to "control" the situation?

These sectarian divides are ingrained... Drop me an email sometime barbie -- be interested to hear your take on the situation... and to see how we differ and are similar.

Hey, almost half way thru the deployment?