Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Since I don't have television over here, I spend my "freetime" reading quite extensively. It's not that I can't get a TV or that the service doesn't exist...because I could and it does. I just really haven't had the desire. When some of my peers find out that I've shunned the modern marvel that is the "talking head", they usually ask, "What are you a caveman or something?". Well, no...wait...maybe...hell, I don't know. Actually I just don't have an overwhelming desire to watch the tube. Now radio is a different animal...I love it. We get the Armed Forces Network and the British Forces Broadcasting Network. Both are very good. Anyways, back to the reading part of this.

I recently borrowed a book from a good friend of mine. He served on an IA with the SEALs in Afghanistan before he volunteered for another stint in Iraq. Anyways, he loaned me a book called LONE SURVIVOR. The book was written by a former Navy SEAL named Marcus Luttrell. Marcus was part of a 4 man SEAL team that was tasked with a mission in the mountainous and rugged northeastern frontier of Afghanistan. He ended up being the only survivor of an attack by Taliban forces. The book really brings his feelings about his fellow SEALS to the forefront and incidentally raises some bigger questions about the Rules of Engagement that we, the military, must abide by. Without giving away the details...any of you that are interested in recent military literature and events should get yourself a copy right away. It is a very good read!

Coincidentally, the friend that I borrowed the book from was serving with this SEAL team and knew the people and incidents involved.

Now...on to the "literary un-genius" part. I read an article in a very popular men's magazine. No...not that type! I only read those for the articles anyways. No really...the magazine was a health/fashion/dude-stuff magazine. The article was an interview with a popular actor that seems to always have something political to talk about. Unfortunately, it seems the U.S. is preoccupied with Hollywood's input into the war. I just can't understand what makes people think that an actor or actress is somehow qualified to give any sort of political discourse or expertise into "how to solve the Iraq problem".

My personal take on this: "Look, Mr. Actor or Ms. Actress, I pay to see your movies for entertainment...much like I pay to see the animals at the circus perform. I don't want to hear your uneducated and unwarranted drivel about this war. Now, if you feel like you need to spout off at the mouth about the "going-ons" in Iraq...bring your ass over here and spend some time with our infantrymen. You know, maybe a year or so...then you'll really have the experience to speak as a expert. Until then...just shut your pie-hole!"

Anyways...that's my rant for today. On a side-note; my relief is in country now. In fact I had a nice long talk with him today. I can't begin to tell you how nice it is to know that I'll be leaving here...very, very, very shortly.

K & G, I love and miss you guys terribly...I can't wait to come home...and end this "absent father" episode.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Well everyone...I am back at the keyboard! First, I need to apologize to anyone who worried about my safety during my long hiatus in writing. I am safe and sound...still in Iraq. My last post was in June; right after that time, I went on two weeks of leave. When I returned from leave, I found that the military had decided a huge "crackdown" was in order on bloggers. So that made my ability to write somewhat more difficult. Now that was a small part in my lack of writing...a larger part was that I'd become completely unmotivated to write. There were various reasons...but I think I owe it to everyone to put "words to print".

The last few months have been quite a blur. As everyone is aware, situations in Iraq continue to evolve or pick! The good news...I will be leaving very soon. No specific dates will be posted here...but it is soon. The bad news...I am fairly disenchanted with things here. I obviously don't have the "big picture"...but I know how I feel about things.

To illustrate this point: I recently spent nearly a week at a remote Forward Operating Base, living in a tent, covered in good ole Iraqi moon dust (sand) and watching the day to day operations of our ground troops. For me, it was like being on vacation. I was actually with the troops that are making a difference over here and not dealing with a bunch of "staff clowns" who seem to have lost touch with what is actually important over know, things like THE WAR!!! The inefficiency and staffing process for everything, I mean everything, is so makes me wretch. The knowledge you gain while actually BEING involved in this war is quite the "eye-opener". The rest of my diatribe is better left unspoken...or I may find myself with cuffs on my wrists. that I've "wanked" sufficiently.........

Now the good stuff: I've stuck with my exercise and gym routine. My workout partner (the other Hornet pilot that I work with) has been great. We take turns kicking each other in the ass at the gym. It has worked! I've lost about 20 pounds and am seeing significant change in muscular development. I've gotten to the point that I can't stand missing a day at the gym...I even feel guilty if I do. So at least I've got that going for me.

My family is doing well in Texas. School has started for the children and everyone seems to be adjusting well. Even with that...I can tell they've had their "fill" of this deployment and are ready for it to be over. I can fully understand that. It will be awesome to be home soon. Leave was great...but to know that you are home for immensely better!

Well, I won't attempt to fill in the blanks on the last few months...but I may bring in some scenarios from that time. I hope everyone understands. Again sorry for the long delay...thanks for sticking around.