Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Sweeeettttt! It is official...I finally have a permanent place to live and should be moving into my approximately 10ft x 12ft trailer by this weekend. Yep, it's pretty much a large dog kennel....kinda smells that way also...but it's MY dog kennel. On top of it all, looks like I'll have Internet connectivity at my "residence". Also, I've been able to finalize what unit I will be assigned to throughout my time here. I can only confirm that it is an Army unit...nothing more to divulge... you friggin spies.

As I've kinda eluded to recently; daily life takes a very strange twist while here. One example: Primarily around this area, toilet facilities are spartan. Primarily they are nothing more than your standard, fun. Anyways, there is one particular porta-toilet that I visit routinely that is covered in graffiti. Now you may think, "How horrible...people being destructive". Actually all of the graffiti is based on Chuck Norris...every single bit of it...all about Chuck Norris. Somehow in my delusioned, brain-damaged, Iraq hating state...I find it hilarious. Trust me some of the graffiti is truly funny. I would give some examples here but most are not appropriate. I promise I will back fill all of you with a few of them at a later date...when I'm feeling less appropriate. Anyways, I look forward to my Chuck Norris toilet every day.

Take care everyone...and to R, K and G: I miss you guys.


Tony said...

ewodadGlad to see you are finally settled in. Hopefully you have an air conditioner and it works. It will be your second best friend in a few months.

I am still trying to figure out why they are snagging pilots??

Are we "digging up" the Iraqi airforce or did the Syrian parking lots finally fill up???

Grease said...

Chuck's is bigger

Grease said...

Chuck Norris doesn't sleep ... he waits ... Barbie, I'm currently sitting in the Washington Dulles Airport thinking fondly of you guys, lol. I'll send you and the fellas some more E-mail later