Sunday, March 4, 2007


Ahhh, beautiful Baghdad in the winter. Hot, dry and dirty...just the way I like it....or something like that. So, I've had the opportunity to see a couple of Saddam's old palaces and man, he lived in style. The first was the Al Faw palace, which we now use as a military work area...funny now that I think about it; ALL of the palaces I've seen are military work areas. Interesting.

The second palace is known as the Perfume Palace. The perfume part of it came from the fact that this is where Saddam and his boys housed their female playthings...concubines...okay, i'll just say it; Their whores. Very luxurious about a quandry for these women; Live in the lap of luxury and have to service these jackasses OR Refuse and have your head cut off. I don't know....choices aren't the best no matter what.

The third palace is one that was owned by one of Saddam's sons. During the initial air campaign, it didn't fare so well against a few 2000lb bombs. Looks like it would have been a gorgeous place though. It is sickening to thing this is how they lived, while the majority of the people starved.

I made that same statement to a friend of mine the other day while standing in front of the Al Faw palace. By the way, he's a Prowler ECMO...but still a good guy. He retorted, "Happens like that in the U.S. as well." You know what; he's right...just seems more audacious out here. I told him that "maybe we should have taken these palaces and given them directly to the people of Iraq instead of using them for our own service". He didn't neccessarily agree with me and after thinking for a moment...I didn't agree with myself either. I followed up my previous statement with, "Yeah, you're right...if we gave the Iraqi people this type of place for there own use; they would not have a clue of what to do with...sorta like a Beverly Hillbilly's Syndrome". You guys remember, the Beverly Hillbillies were super poor, then became super rich and the way they lived in their mansion was completely comical. Such as calling the pool a concrete pond...and keeping a still (moonshine making apparatus) in the house. Anyways, you guys get the picture...oh yeah, that statement is copyrighted by me now. I get kickbacks if anyone uses it, okay.

I'll go for now...but my next post will be my ramblings on how to win this war or at tiddly winks; I can't remember which one my notes are written for...stay tuned.

R, K and G....I love and miss you.

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