Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Futility at its finest!

So, I'll clear up a few things for everyone. Someone asked why my posts and profile are labeled "BARBIE". Sounds kinda gay for a Navy fighter guy huh? Well, "BARBIE" is my callsign. In the Navy, as well as other branches of the service, pilots are typically given a callsign. Realize I just said, "GIVEN"...you don't get to choose. One reason we use callsigns is during radio transmissions, we don't want to use real names on the radio. So that's the scoop on that.

Today, was an exercise in military bureaucracy for me. I'm in between interim training sites on my way to Iraq. Along the way, a saying continues over and over in my brain..."your new fangled ways confuse me, I am but a simple caveman pilot". So far at every stop along my training path the paperwork trail could choke a horse. The internet and computers have vastly improved the way we do business; but sometimes they do nothing more than create double the work. For example, "Sir, you need to fill out this DDFORM 1369 in triplicate, then you need to input into the computer in 4 different places". WOW!! How about I fill it out once, then make two copies with a copier; then YOU can input it on your computer. "UHHH, no sir, we can't do that, that's not the way we always do it". "Really, maybe you guys should update the way you do things". About that time I see two eyeballs rolling back in their head and start to smell something burning and a little bit of drool....So of course, I give up. I'm sure everything will be okay...what possibly can go wrong??


katiescarlet said...

Hi. Thanks for your service to this country. Stay safe. God bless.

Anonymous said...

You didn't really explain why you were given such a sweet call sign like "Barbie". Ken isn't your boyfriend, now, is he? Not a tough fighter jock like you? C'mon now, 'fess up.

Anyway, good luck in the sandbox, and come home safe. Mine is done, so, thank you for your service.