Saturday, January 20, 2007


I thought I'd better explain some ground rules early on. First, I will not post any info in my blogs that are considered sensitive to military operations and the war effort. That would just be prejudicial to good judgement...not that my judgement is very good. Further, that sort of information could get my fellow servicemen and women harmed or killed. That would just be treasonous. The picture above is what I think of folks who "sell their fellow Americans down the river". The picture was taken in a "high-class" establishment while in port in Italy....I think....It was a port call.
I will, however, attempt to post info that is from the "BARBIE" whether that info is educational, entertaining or down-right ludicrous; well who the hell knows. In any case, it has to be better than watching the nightly news. But only slightly better than watching the HISTORY CHANNEL.

A quick note for SONARMAN...NO, I'm not Barbie because I date some guy named, Ken. It's a long story....maybe someday I'll tell it. But hey, we all know about you sub guys. 100 guys go out; 49 couples come back; plus two cage fighters.

For my "bros" about to take over Key West, take care down there. Be safe and watch out for the Mata Haris and Cougars in Sloppy's. You never know who's listening. I leave you tonight with one quote, "Ohhh Joel, he's such a nice Greek boy."

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newspilot said...

As a past shampoo commercial once said..."Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!!" The "Greek"