Monday, April 23, 2007


I sit here at 1 a.m. thinking about a great American and friend. LCDR Kevin "Kojak" Davis, a pilot with the Navy Flight Demonstration Team (Blue Angels) was killed two days ago when his plane crashed in Beaufort, S.C. I have known Kojak for about 7 years or so. He and I went through F-14 training in the same squadron. He was a member of VF-11 "Red Rippers" during the time I was a member of VF-103 "Jolly Rogers". We again crossed paths in California while he was undergoing transition training to the F/A-18 Hornet. I saw him again last summer while I was in Pensacola, FL. By this time Kojak was already a member of the Blue Angels. Though he, rightfully so, had been elevated to the status of a public figure...he was still the same ole Kojak I always knew. He always had a smile on his face...always greeted me with a big handshake. We would talk about our history with fondness.

Kojak was a perfect fit in Naval Aviation and especially with the Blue Angels. He was a genuine and sincere guy and a gifted aviator. In our line of work it is inevitable that aircraft mishaps will happen...but you can never be "used" to them. I'm still in shock...unbelieving...and I am terribly sorry for Kojak's family, friends and fellow aviators.

Kojak, for a guy like me who always has something to say...I'm at a loss for words.

We will miss you, brother.


Woody said...


You're spot on regarding Kojak. I first met him when he was an Omar with VFC-12. He never let wearing the blue flight suit enlarge his ego. We've lost one great American there.

Still waiting on my first weiner flight. The administrivia is killing me. Feel free to use that word with your Army pals.

Stay skinny. We're holding down the home front here.

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