Saturday, April 21, 2007


Things are running about normal here; SUCKY. But, it is odd what you come to accept as normal. I'm figuring out that there are no "absolutes" with the Army. If you are told one thing by better talk to someone else, just to verify. But with all the headaches the Army is giving me, one bright shining star has emerged. The good ole U.S. Marine Corps! OOOHHHRAAHHH.

A few days ago, I was handed a project that I'm surprised the Army even had their hands in. This project specifically dealt with something only a tactical pilot or aircrew would have knowledge of...and specifically someone who has dropped bombs before. So, I took a look at it...and decided I could solve the problem and have an answer to any questions in a matter of mere hours. So, I set off to find a computer program that is specifically used in "bomb delivery" planning. Well, guess what...apparently in Baghdad it doesn't exist. Frustrated, I called everyone and every unit that I could think of that might have access to this program. No Luck. Then it dawned on me...hey there is a Marine Corps F/A-18 squadron out west. Sure enough two calls later and I was talking with pilots in that squadron. The best part about it was that one of the guys I spoke with was a student of mine when I was an instructor pilot. BINGO!!

After being passed off to the squadron expert on this matter, it took one email and a 5 minute phone call and PRESTO!!! About 2 hours later, I had all the data that I was looking for. What is especially significant is that this Marine pilot took the time out of his already busy day to take on the challenge of this project. What a great group of guys...totally professional...and extremely helpful. Goes to show; no matter what the conditions or where you are located...Navy/Marine Aviators will always help a brother in need. So, I have to say, "VMFA (AW)-121 Green Knights...kudos and Semper Fi!". I'm positive, had I needed an Army entity to help me with this project...I would still be working on "who to call". Hell, I still can't get them to provide me with pens and paper.

Time keeps ticking along here. I'm surprised how long I've already been here. Luckily, I have a hard date that I am leaving. Unfortunately for the Army, they were just extended from 12 months here to 15 months here....OUCH!! I really do feel for the individual real problem is with the Army way of doing things. Those guys are really taking a beating in this war and it is a shame. This war is riding on the backs of folks that just can't buy a break. It will be interesting to see how the Army's retention rate handles this whole thing. My guess...down the tubes. But we will see.

R, K and G...I love and miss you guys more and more everyday.

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