Thursday, March 22, 2007


I had a little time to take some photographs today. So I headed out in my trusty "war machine". You guys black suburban NTV. Oh by the way...I renamed her. It's "War Pig" now. Seemed appropriate after the trouble she's given me lately; flat tire, ran out of windshield washer, no speakers, only 3 seats, etc., etc., etc. Also, I happened to be listening to Black Sabbath the other day...and of course, I heard the song "War Pigs". So there it is. OH and did I mention; driving through a parking lot the other day, I (War Pig) got pelted with shrapnel (special self-destructing rounds for large special weapon) from a machine gun system...and get was one of OURS. That's a whole other story; best left for another day. Don't worry, no damage at all; but I did have to go change my underwear and this time it wasn't the lunchtime curry.

Anyways, back to photos. I cruised around looking for some neat things to photo. Found them! Snapped about 10 or 15 pictures. Of course, it wasn't until after I had taken said photos that I saw the inconvenient little sign that I posted above.

So what's a good Naval Officer to do? I pondered the options: Go tell on myself and possibly have my camera confiscated or worse...have to go see "The Man". Or act like I didn't see the damn sign and move along smartly.

Being an upstanding Naval Officer and Aviator, I took the obvious choice. I hauled ass. I was driving War Pig like I had just stolen her. She didn't fail me this time...was a scene right out of "Gone in 60 Seconds". Well, now not only is the CIA looking for me...but probably CID (Criminal Investigative Service). No worries, I made myself a fake moustache from some camel hair...I should be okay.

R, K and G...I miss you terribly. Send Bail Money...I may need it.


Mrs. Barbie said...

Hey, who do you think you are-----Chuck? Hope you're wearing depends next time out. xoxo---R

Reign of Reason said...

Hey B...

Great photo -- no sh!t, I actually have one of the same "no photography" sign from my time over there: did the same thing... oops!

Friendly schrapnel!?!? That's not good dude...

I'm out here at the squadron -- decom ceremony tomorrow... end of an era.

We'll miss you at the ceremony dude. I'll be sure and drink a beer for you.

Stay safe,