Saturday, March 10, 2007


Yesterday morning, I awoke bright and early with the intent of heading over to the gym for a good workout. Recently, I've been running or riding my bicycle in the mornings. But yesterday I decided to hit the weights. The gym is about 1/3 of a mile from my trailer. So, the run over would have been a great warm-up followed by some lifting. I was planning on a chest and triceps day...and sprinkle in a little calf workout. Let me just say, "The intent was there."

My first attempt ended about 300 yards from my trailer. As I merrily walked along, I remembered that I forgot to lock my trailer. Dang it; I scurried back to my trailer and locked the door. Whewwww....disaster averted.

My second attempt...yep you guessed it...a failure. This time I actually got within 100 yards of the gym. As I waited to cross one of the main roads on our camp to the gym, I realized that I had forgotten my weapon. "Oh F*&k, you've got to be stroking me!!"...I think those were my exact words. Number one; going anywhere without a weapon over just bad head work. Number two; it's a military regulation over here. On top of all that, I'm actually issued two weapons; a 9MM pistol and a M-16 rifle. You would think I could have remembered one of those. So, at a fast pace, I hustled back to my trailer.

The third try...complete and utter disaster. I made it about half way before I realized that I had forgotten my reflective belt. I had taken it off to put on my pistol holster during my second return to my trailer. The whole reflective belt thing is yet another Army regulation put in place to screw with my life. It basically states that if you are wearing workout clothes, you WILL be wearing a reflective belt. So, dejected, I ran back to my trailer for my reflective belt. There were a few choice mumblings that I won't repeat here.

Once I made it back to the trailer, drenched in sweat....I gave up. I was a broken man. To hell with it. I got in the shower, put on my uniform and trudged to work. As I "stewed" about the morning's gym catastrophe, I realized 3 trips back and forth worked out to be a run of a little over a mile. I guess things weren't as bad as I thought. I think I'll try for the gym again tomorrow. I hope I don't forget something really important, like my shorts or shirt. That would be embarrassing. Wish me luck.

R, K and G..I love and miss, I'm senile now!


Grease said...

I can see the silly belt, but YOU the EX-MARINE forgot your gun? Chesty Puller is rolling over in his grave, lol.

Reign of Reason said...


I remember that damn belt too... I know the intent (don't get hit by a truck or something), but I always thought it funny that I had to wear a reflective belt in camp, at night -- while wearing cami's!

So much for blending into the desert.