Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I recently changed to a new command. I have been working for a command that has been in Iraq for quite a few months. I now work for a command that has been in Iraq about 1 week now. Things with my previous command were very stable; daily activities were pretty well set. Now, it's as if all hell has broken loose. My new command is attempting to establish themselves in theater and get to a point of daily operations quickly. All in all, this has been somewhat comical to experience. For example, standing up the my daily work operations requires certain things: telephone, computer, chair, desk, pen, pencil and paper. None of which they seem to have brought with them to provide me. So, as I receive multiple questions pertaining to my job and its relation to their operations, I find it funny that I have no way of providing said information to them. As much as I profess this issue to them...they just don't get it. I've resorted to sarcasm. In fact today, I was asked a question about a specific system that I work with. My response: "Hummm...let me go sit in my chair at my desk, log-on to my computer, write the answer down and I'll give it to you.....OH WAIT! I don't have any of those items. Huh...couldn't tell you, then." As caddy and infantile as it sounds, I think they finally got the picture. As of this posting, I now have a desk to work at...and a computer is on the way. Funny how things work out.

On another funny note. The Army just doesn't get "callsigns". Remember mine is Barbie. Callsigns are very common in the Aviation I don't even think twice about it. So as I introduce myself to my Army counterparts as "Barbie". I always get a quizzical look...then I have to explain my background. The one group of folks in the Army that seem to think callsigns are great...are interestingly enough the Generals. In the last 3 days, I've met two different Generals and have introduced myself with my callsign. After hearing the background story...they think it's great. I even tell them that my wife refers to me as Barbie quite often...or Super Stud...which ever one she deems necessary at the time. Actually Super Stud isn't usually what she calls me...sometimes more derogatory. :o) She's a tough woman to impress...I've had my work cut out for a long time.

Anyways, time keeps marching on here. The days are actually going by quickly. That is a very good thing. I've included a pic on this post. The larger building in the back is the building where my desk is located. Luckily, I get to get out to other locations around the area for my job...which helps my sanity.

R, K & G...I love you guys. Miss you. Could you send my Super Stud uniform policy is in effect.

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Reign of Reason said...

Ah the joys of a new command...

Well, sounds like they'll keep you jumping for some time to come -- I'm sure that'll help keep the days whizzing by.

I wish I could see the faces on the army pukes when you introduce yourself as Barbie... I'm sure they are awesome.