Sunday, March 18, 2007


I have a few comments to my blogs lately that I'll address today. One, I received from family in Oklahoma really made my day. I have to tell you, getting email, letters, packages and even comments on my blog supporting the efforts here are really uplifting. So, J,M and T...thank you immensely. And yes, I do have AC in my dog kennel...thank goodness! Please tell everyone I said, "Hello and I'm doing fine." R, K and G are really taking care of me!

Brendon, from Fresno, CA had a question for me in his comment. I'm not too sure about what the scope of your question actually is Brendon. But I'll give it my best shot. He asked, "Why would they issue me a vehicle?" So, the simple explanation: Brendon, imagine, if you will, sitting at the Elephant Bar up on Blackstone sipping a martini. Then you decide that you need to head down to the Tower District for a little late night extravaganza. Well, you wouldn't want to you'd need a vehicle. Same thing here. In the execution of my job over here...I have to travel to multiple sites on my camp. Therefore I need transportation. Yep, I'm very familiar with Fresno, CA.

So for today's title...The other day I was eating dinner at a chow hall at another camp; and sitting at a table near me was a group of interesting guys. I can only describe the group of about 6 guys as looking like over-muscled homeless guys. All 6 had full beards; were wearing "tactical" civilian clothes (not military uniforms) and were all packing some serious weaponry. When I say serious weaponry; they weren't carrying standard government issue pistols. They all had some very expensive pistols and ultra-tactical gear. Now, just the fact that they all had beards made them out-of-place. Add the fact that each had arms the size of my waist and were wearing "civvies" told me immediately what "line of work" they were in. Whether they were Special Forces, CIA, Blackwater or any other crazy ass group that I don't intend on pissing off in my life is irrelevant. It just struck me as odd to see this group of guys sitting in the chow hall, eating a peaceful dinner and attempting not to stick out. Of course one can't help but notice them. After giving thought to the whole world that these kind of guys operate in and having seen them in operation in the past...I'm very glad we have folks like that in the world...and I'm glad they are on our side.

The fellas in this line of work are involved in some extremely dangerous missions and very, very rarely get any public recognition for it. And they like it that way. Seems odd to most folks...but it makes perfect sense. First, they wouldn't want to be recognized publicly and compromised. Secondly, they don't need public opinion to bolster the gratification for what they do. Like I said before, I'm glad they are on our side. I think long term strategic success in this theater can be a "make or break" on the successful completion of what these guys do for us...namely, "the things we don't like to speak of". Anyways, having met quite a few of these type folks has been an awesome honor and learning experience for me. My wife tells me that "I live, eat and sleep airplanes and flying". But as much as I annoy her with the Military Channel all the time...I can only imagine what these guys' loved ones put up with.

Well, before I say too much and one these guys sneaks into my trailer tonight and kills me with a q-tip....I better go. I've added a picture that has no relevancy to today's post. It's one of the palaces that I wrote about earlier. This one is the Al Faw palace.

R, K and G...I love and miss you guys. If the CIA calls, tell them I'm busy and will call them back. :o)


Grease said...

Hey Barbie ... this is the CIA and we're on the way ... on Thursday to be exact ... If you or any of the boys need any mainland items, let me know at my E-mail ... by the way, thanks for the card for my mom and family, I know you and Mule probably led the charge.
P.S. I'll bring some Q-tips.

Ron said...


Fresno is not that far from Lemoore. Friends and neighbors in a small world.

We have never met - but I'm sure that there enough in common. Americans. Take care of yourself and come back safe.


ea6bflyr said...

I'll let them all know you appreciate them...

Anybody but Pelosi said...

Hi Barbie,
I've got to qualify my question. I meant no disrespect, I'm a supporter all the way through. My question should have looked like this:

"With so many individuals in the military and with the assumption that there are a limited number of vehicles in the area for use, what qualifies one individual over another for the issue of a vehicle?"

Fresno, CA